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ONYX Services is a pipeline maintenance and construction company that provides comprehensive solutions coast to coast. We are committed to optimizing and safeguarding the assets of our customers through the use of cutting-edge technology, ensuring cost effective solutions. Our continued success is grounded in a culture of safety, technical expertise, and an unrelenting focus on achieving complete client satisfaction.

Pipeline Inspection

Our Team

ONYX Services takes pride in its team of operations and maintenance specialists dedicated to delivering top-notch work and professionalism. Supported by a management team with over 200 years of combined industry experience, we excel in providing comprehensive pipeline services on land and across various marine environments. With a workforce exceeding 40 full-time divers and technicians, ONYX is adept at addressing diverse challenges.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond hands-on expertise. In addition to our skilled workforce, ONYX Services features a team of engineers and technical experts who play a crucial role in crafting engineering solutions and navigating permitting processes. Whether it’s a critical repair or a major maintenance program, we operate around the clock, ensuring availability when and where you need us. Our dedicated personnel are strategically positioned throughout the US to seamlessly assist you, ensuring timely project completion with solutions that are designed to last.

Our Services

Land Based Pipeline Services

Land Pipeline Services

ONYX Services is committed to delivering essential maintenance and emergency response solutions, enabling you to exceed your customers' expectations for the safe and dependable transportation of oil and gas.

Marine Pipeline Services

Marine Pipeline Services

Our marine pipeline inspection and repair services are completed by our experienced certified personnel using the latest technology and equipment. This combination of skilled professionals and cutting-edge technology ensures the optimal performance and longevity of your marine pipelines.

Pipeline Engineering Services

Engineering Services

ONYX Services specializes in providing practical engineering design services, permitting assistance, and environmental compliance solutions for clients throughout the United States. Our team, composed of Professional Engineers, Scientists and AutoCAD Designers, brings experience to every phase of design and construction, ensuring efficient project management from conception to closeout.

Safety Culture

Safety is ingrained in the core values of ONYX Services. We prioritize a culture of vigilance, where all team members actively participate in regular safety training and adhere to stringent protocols. “Safety First Means Safety Always” is a philosophy that guides every decision, contributing to a collective responsibility shared by our team.

Safety Culture in Pipeline Construction
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Our Mission

At ONYX Services, our mission is to provide a safe, respectful, and collaborative workplace where our diverse, skilled team develops and delivers client-specific solutions. We also strive to have a positive impact in our community by supporting residents, schools, churches, and charities.

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