Land Services

ONYX Services leverages its seasoned expertise, equipment, and team of highly qualified personnel to provide unparalleled value to our clients. We specialize in delivering maintenance and emergency response services, ensuring your oil and gas is transported safely and reliably.

Pipeline Inspection on Land


ONYX Services excels at performing inspections of land-based assets with our in-house technicians and specialists. Whether assessing buried pipes, above-ground structures, or other midstream related assets, our extensive experience guarantees the fulfillment of your inspection needs.

Land Pipeline Repairs


With extensive experience in pipeline construction, ONYX Services is unmatched when it comes to repairing pipeline assets. Paired with an engineering team, ONYX Services can provide quick and effective solutions to any problem that may arise.

Pipeline Maintenance


Maintenance of assets is the single most important piece of transporting products. With ONYX Services, we possess the expertise and capability to support proper maintenance of your assets, ensuring a seamless flow of your products.

Our Land Services Include

but are not limited to: