Marine Services

ONYX Services distinguishes itself from other pipeline companies by employing ADCI certified divers. These exceptionally skilled professionals provide ONYX Services with the capability to conduct thorough inspections and precise repairs on underwater assets, ensuring the application of appropriate and effective repair methods.

Underwater Pipeline Inspections by an ADCI certified diver


ONYX Services' team of ADCI certified divers eliminates the uncertainties associated with assessing underwater assets. With a wealth of experience and the versatility to dive in diverse marine environments, we bring a refined expertise to ensure precise evaluations of submerged assets.

Underwater Pipeline Repairs


In the event of a necessary repair, ONYX Services' divers possess the knowledge and training to execute a repair. Whether the pipeline is situated in a marsh, creek, or river, our team is equipped with the necessary tools and expertise to seamlessly address and repair your assets.

Marine Pipeline Maintenance


ONYX Services expertly performs essential maintenance for assets located above, on, and beneath the water. With a team of ADCI certified divers and a comprehensive fleet of diving and equipment vessels, we can offer a fully integrated and turn-key solution to meet all your maintenance needs.

Our Marine Services Include

but are not limited to: