At ONYX Services, we work tirelessly to improve our operations and capitalize on the lessons learned over time. We establish and review our corporate policies to meet the growth of our company and developments in the industry. Our daily focus centers around safety, training, environmental stewardship, and quality assurance/quality control.


Safety is our top priority. All projects designed, engineered, and bid upon include a comprehensive HAZID review by our HSE and Operations team. ONYX Services is a leader in safety by proactively identifying and mitigating potential risks during the planning, execution, and follow-up phases. We believe that all incidents can be prevented through proper planning and risk mitigation, and that working safely is an integral part of everyone’s job.

Training for Pipeline Team in Houston TX


We ensure that all personnel are trained in every aspect of occupational safety. At ONYX Services, we embrace targeted safety training that focuses on the specific tasks our team members will encounter. Our employees train monthly with Veriforce pipeline-specific OSHA modules. This interactive training is comprehensive, up-to-date, and a good fit for our employees.

Our safety team provides current operating and safety manuals along with project-specific procedures. We follow safety management guidelines such as Risk Assessment, Job Hazard Environmental Analysis (JHEA) and Management of Change (MOC). Our team complies with all statutory, governmental, industry and customer rules, regulations, and best practices.

Operator Qualifications

The Operator Qualification (OQ) law, 49 CFR §192 and §195, affects those who work in the oil and gas pipeline industries. The purpose of the law is to reduce accidents related to human error by ensuring that individuals who perform certain identified tasks are qualified to do so. In other words, OQ is a safety initiative based upon quality.

ONYX Services has responded to this operational challenge by not just meeting the minimum requirements of the law, but by exceeding expectations. We are leaders in this area because of our investment to dedicated personnel and resources. Operator Qualification is an everyday priority for us at ONYX Services. All field personnel are trained and evaluated using protocols and programs established by several different organizations, including NCCER, Veriforce, OQSG, ADCI, Houston Area Safety Council, CSCCB, DSWG, NCMS, ISNetworld, and OSHA.

Environmental Stewardship

Our Environment Stewardship policy goes beyond simply complying with all applicable environmental laws and regulations. As a matter of principle, we strive for environmental excellence on every job. We work to minimize our environmental footprint, and we believe in taking responsibility for our environmental impacts. Our goal is to always minimize the environmental impacts of our activities by reducing our land disturbance and water use. We view our post-construction reclamation efforts as an indicator of both the quality of our work and the seriousness with which we approach environmental stewardship.

Quality Control & Quality Assurance Standards for Pipeline Industry

Quality Assurance / Quality Control

At ONYX Services, we promote QA/QC standards that support efficient management systems related to facilities, people, training, services, and equipment. These standards are a real benefit to our organization, helping to manage our business effectively and deliver on the promises we make to our customers. For our employees, our QA/QC focus leads to higher job satisfaction and continual improvement across the organization.