Staff Spotlight – Keeley Anderson

Keeley Anderson, Environmental Scientist/Permit Technician:

Keeley Anderson been with ONYX Services since January 2021 and is an Environmental Scientist/Permit Technician. Keeley earned a Bachelor of Science in Geology while working as a mechanics assistant maintaining a collection of vintage cars. As an Environmental Scientist, Keeley assists the ONYX Services Hydrotechnical Management Department by writing technical reports and reviewing survey drawings. As a Permit Technician, she prepares, tracks, and manages the permitting process from design phase to construction. Keeley describes herself as determined and enjoys working on cars, riding horses, and playing golf.

If you could go on a road trip with any historical figure, who would it be and why?

Harlen Bretz – A prominent Geologist whose research led to the acceptance of the Missoula Floods, which encompasses much of the geomorphology present between Western Montana and Eastern Washington. It would be fascinating to road trip through the Pacific Northwest and see the geomorphology through his eyes.